Leave the Mowing to Us!

Wide Array of Landscaping and Lawn Care Solutions

Residential and Commercial Service

Lawn Maintenance

We offer professional weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services. All lawns are mowed to a 3” height unless otherwise specified. Included in our mowing services are edging of clearly defined ornamental landscape beds, sidewalks, and driveways. We always power blow debris from driveways, sidewalks, patios, and curbs. Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC also provides spring and fall cleanups, mulching, and shrub trimming services for our residential and commercial clients. Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC is fully licensed and insured (MDA-F #1048).

Snow and Ice Management

Arrowwood Lawn Care is locally owned and operated in St. Mary's County, Md. We are centrally located in California, Maryland. Our location allows us to provide prompt snow plowing service for both our residential and commercial customers.

Personalized, reliable service is our trademark. Our snow plow trucks, heavy equipment, and experienced staff are available 24/7 during all snow events! Our methods allow us to begin service on each property as soon as snow begins to fall and to remain on call until the snow stops, surfaces are cleared, and ice is melted.

We offer rock salt and other de-icing materials that can be applied to roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. These de-icing and non-slip applications are applied at varying levels depending on weather, possible hazards, potential harm to trees and shrubs, and the client’s specific needs. Using tools most appropriate for your business or residence surfaces, we keep your walkways, parking lots, and driveways clear for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

When we agree to provide snow plowing service to a client they can depend on us being there when we say we will. Seasonal packages or per event snow service are available but do fill up fast! Setting up snow plowing service prior to a winter weather event is your best chance to receive prompt service. 

Stormwater (BMP) Maintenance

Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC is extremely passionate about the environment and our responsibility to it. Let our certified CBLP staff members design, install, and maintain a sustainable landscape for your home or office building. Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC believes that conservation landscaping (soil, native plants, habitat, natural communities, and invasive plant management) can help to improve the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay. Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC will provide initial inspection, follow-up checks, maintenance and evaluation of storm water (BMPs) performance. Our certified staff will properly perform sustainable landscape techniques. Whether it is advising on stormwater best management practices (BMPs) or providing living shoreline restoration for our clients, Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC is here to assist you. Contact us today for stormwater maintenance on rain gardens, bioswales, or bioretention.             (CBLP# 3-00112)

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Storm Cleanup & Stump Grinding Service

Weather in Southern Maryland can be very unpredictable regardless of the season. Arrowwood Lawn Care, LLC is available 24/7 to perform emergency storm cleanup. If you have a downed tree on your property that needs to be removed or a stump that needs grinding, we got you covered. We offer both small tree removal and stump grinding services at affordable rates.